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Magelia WebStore

  • Moderate Ratings and Reviews
  • Define Ratings and Reviews Settings
  • Add the Package for the Responsive design template to benefit from the Ratings and reviews directly on your website

Rating & Reviews

Version 3.1.354.9 by: Magelia
  • Magelia Certified
  • Extension sold per seller

Add ratings and reviews to Magelia WebStore

Latest version: 3.1.354.9
Other versions:
Designed for Magelia WebStore: v.[3.1,3.2)
Last updated: 11/13/2014
Available languages: English, French
Assistance: Magelia
License: View license
Compatible with Editions: Community - Professional - Enterprise
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  • The Ratings and Reviews extension enables customers to rate and review products. The store managers can moderate the posted reviews. 


    Main benefits:
    - Moderation by administrators
    - Blacklist management
    - Easy installation, configuration and options for each store (in a multi-store environment)


    What’s included?
    - New screens that allow the administrator to configure the extension’s behavior, approve or reject ratings and reviews, and to manage a list of blacklisted accounts.
    - A new WCF web service to call the RatingsAndReviews API from any storefront


    Also available : Package for the responsive storefront

    - A package that calls the Ratings and Reviews WCF web service from a responsive storefront is also available.

    Responsive design template  This package requires that your storefront be based on the responsive design template available here.
    • A new Ratings & Reviews under Products menu gives access to the Rating and Reviews screens:


      menu ratings reviews


      • 1.     Ratings & Reviews screen


      From this page, you can approve or reject reviews submitted by the users:


      Ratings & Reviews screen


      To approve or reject a review, use the two buttons approve and reject buttons located at the end of each line.

      Reviews can be edited using the Edit review button  button.

      To delete a Rating or review, use the Delete review button button.


      • 2.     Blacklist screen


      From this menu, you can view the list of the blacklisted emails.  If you add a new email address to the blacklist, it will:

      • be impossible for the blacklisted user to submit any new review.
      • lead all the reviews that already exist from the blacklisted users to be ignored by the web services and for the calculation of the average product rating. 


      It is possible to remove accounts from the list of blacklisted users by clicking on the Delete review button button.


      Blacklist screen


      • 3.     Settings screen


      This screen displays the settings defined by store and enables you to edit or create new settings:


      Settings screen


      To create new settings, for a store, click on the "New settings" button.
      To edit the settings for a store, click on the pen


      Edit settings


      The following options are available:

      • "Minimum rating" and “maximum rating”: the range of minimum and maximum values for ratings (example: 0 to 5)
      • Minimum time interval between reviews: the minimum period of time between two reviews from a single user. This setting is used to prevent automatic programs from posting reviews or ratings too easily. (example: 5 sec)
      • Allow anonymous users to post reviews on the store.
      • Automatic approval of new reviews: allow all new reviews to be published via the services without pre-authorization by the administrator.
      • Automatic email to the reviewer: automatically sends an e-mail once the review has been manually approved.
      • Automatic email to the reviewer: automatically sends an e-mail if the review has been refused by the moderator.


      Storefront implementation

      If your store is based on the responsive design template, you can easily add the ratings and reviews features into your storefront.


      This package implements the Ratings and reviews API and interacts with the web services in order t add a review, edit a review or display a list of the reviews for a product.


      A basic graphic layout displays the ratings and reviews in the front-office so that you simply have to adapt the CSS code to adapt it to your requirements:


      Average Rating appears under the product name along with the number or ratings 

      Average Rating appears under the product name along with the number or ratings



      Add review form

      Review form


      List of the ratings and reviews for a product

      List of the ratings and reviews for a product

    • Install the extension and the (optional) package for the responsive design template


       Installation of Magelia Webstore extensions and packages


      • 1.     Install the extension


      This extension add new screens to the administration console to configure the extension behavior and provides WCF services.

      Installing the Magelia WebStore WCF extension, proceed as explained in How to Install an extension on Magelia WebStore Console Admin



      If your project is based on your own custom code, you are all set and you do not have to install the package for the responsive storefront.


      If you based your project on the Responsive design template, in order to speed-up your project, please find hereafter an example of how to implement the extension and package.


      • 2.     Install the package to the responsive storefront


      Get the package and proceed as explained in Installing packages for Magelia WebStore responsive storefront


      • Requirements

      • Magelia WebStore (3.0+)
      • A responsive storefront based on the Magelia Responsive design template (3.0+) available here
      • The code of the product page must not have been deeply modified

      • 1.    Adding ratings and reviews to the product page

      In the view of the product page (default view is named: ProductDefinition.cshtml under the /Views/Catalog/ menu), add two calls to actions of the RatingsReviews Controller.


      • To display the average rating for a product, please add this line:

      @{ this.Html.RenderAction("Rating", "RatingsAndReviews", new { catalogCode = this.Model.CatalogCode, sku = this.Model.SKU }); }


      We suggest that you insert this line just before the section <section class="description">


      • To display the list of the reviews and enable visitors to post a new review, add this line:

      @{ this.Html.RenderAction("Reviews", "RatingsAndReviews", new { catalogCode = this.Model.CatalogCode, sku = this.Model.SKU }); }


      We suggest that you insert this line just before the section <section class="informations">


      • 2.    (Optional) Configuration

      The following parameters are optional. A configuration section has been added in the Web.config file of your Magelia WebStore Responsive Storefront project. This "ratingsAndReviews" node enables you to impact the Ratings and reviews extension behavior with the following optional attributes:


      • decimals: defines the accuracy used both server and client side for selecting the product rating (Integer value, by default: 2).
      • manageReviewAtVariableLevel: enables to define if reviews are defined at the variable level (the reviews are assigned to the variable and not to the variant) or at the variant level. (Boolean value, by default: true). 


      Example of information added to the Web.config file:

      <ratingsAndReviews manageReviewAtVariableLevel="false" decimals="1"/>

    • Version 1.0 released May 2014

      • Adds three screens in the back-office
      • To configure the extension’s possible behaviors
      • To regulate the comments and ratings given by the clients
      • To manage a list of blacklisted accounts
      • Adds a WCF web service to communicate with RatingAndReviews API
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