Magelia WebStore

Scalability and performance

Scalability and performance

Designed to scale & tuned for performance

Yourcegid Retail WebStore is designed for ambitious sites with heavy traffic.

  • 100,000 products or more

    Our benchmark for testing relies on a database composed 100,000 products.

    No need to sacrifice volume for performance.

    100,000 products or more
  • Scalability


    Designed to be distributed on multiple servers.

    Add new servers and redistribute the layer of services, the databases, or other 3rd-party applications as you wish…

  • The .NET 4.5 advantage

    All editions of Yourcegid Retail WebStore have been migrated to the .NET 4.5 framework in order to enable you to create faster applications using the latest technology.

    The .NET 4.5 advantage
  • The power of a services based architecture

    The power of a services based architecture

    Services provided by WebStore have been optimized to reduce the number of requests.

    WebStore services have benefited from load tests and optimization for speed.