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Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions

Discounts: Express your creativity!

Yourcegid Retail WebStore's advanced promotions engine enables you to define elaborate promotions and thereby develop the attractiveness of your commercial operations.

  • Manage priority and compatibility of promotions

    Thanks to its advanced rules engine and tags system, Yourcegid Retail WebStore lets you manage priority and compatibility of promotions with one another.

  • Promotion codes

    Promotion codes

    Yourcegid Retail WebStore lets you define promotional codes and communicate them to your clients, so they can benefit from special rebates and exclusive offers.

  • Flexible promotions

    Set-up promotions taking into account the characteristics of your orders and your customers with our promotions engine: promotions by product, category, brand, client segment, etc. With the Yourcegid Retail WebStore's promotions engine, be creative!

    Flexible promotions
  • Define mulitple conditions and offer multiple reductions

    With Yourcegid Retail WebStore, define multiple necessary conditions and propose mulitple reductions.

  • Sales and Private sales

    Sales and Private sales

    Create specific catalogs for sales and special offers exclusive to select customers, as well as prices and specific products for these events.