Magelia WebStore

Customers and Orders

Customers and Orders

Easily and efficiently track customers and orders.

Personalize your communications and offers by client segments.

  • Manage orders easily

    Customer and order management are the core of e-commerce.

    Manually change order statuses or export-import other inventory management software from orders or to ERPs (requires the import-export extension if you use the Community Edition).

  • Enrich orders with custom data

    Enrich orders with custom data

    Orders are extensible in order to understand the custom data linked to product customization, specific delivery information, etc.

  • Split orders into multiple orders

    Are you selling products that you don't stock? Do you have several stores or warehouses?

    The Enterprise and Cloud Editions of Yourcegid Retail WebStore or the Multi-Stocks extension for the Community and Pro.  editions allow you to split an order into subsets and to calculate taxes, emissions, and shipping costs by order subset.

  • Enable customer self-service

    Grant access in a few clicks to the order status, to password changes, etc.

    Yourcegid Retail WebStore offers rich web services to manage these types of functionalities.

    Enable customer self-service
  • Ratings and reviews

    Ratings and reviews

    Ratings and reviews have come indispensible for e-commerce.

    Get the R&R extension and the package for the responsive template to instantly add ratings and reviews to your website.