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Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

Yourcegid Retail WebStore is a powerful e-commerce software for the .NET environment and comes with a complete set of features. With Yourcegid Retail WebStore, you can easily create elaborate e-commerce stores with the set of web services featured in Yourcegid Retail WebStore.

The service -based approach of Yourcegid Retail WebStore makes it easy to build scalable e-commerce stores for PCs, tablets, and smartphones, while enabling simple integration with other software. With Yourcegid Retail WebStore, brands and small to large businesses can easily create multilingual and multi-currency e-commerce websites, define rich products including catalogs, categories, product variants, bundles and services, and define multiple taxes, discounts, and shipping options.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore Community edition is a free and open-source software based on standard and innovative Microsoft technologies (.Net 4.5, SQL server 2008, OData).

What is Yourcegid Retail WebStore ?

Yourcegid Retail WebStore is an application for constructing an e-commerce site using a services layer.

Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore


Yourcegid Retail WebStore is composed of an administration console and a web services layer. Users can create websites featuring HTML, Flash, apps for mobile devices, and even sites in PHP or Java, plus more. To see more than the Administration Console in action, install the free Demo Store.

The Yourcegid Retail WebStore application relies on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

An Administration Console manages the entire set of functionalities provided by the Yourcegid Retail WebStore application: Catalog, Product, Price, etc. You can read more on these functionalities in the software’s operational documentation:
A services layer enables construction of an e-commerce application. This application can be a web application, a mobile application, or any other type of application compatible with SOAP or REST services.
To facilitate the creation of the e-commerce application, Yourcegid Retail WebStore provides a .NET client. This client encapsulates the different service methods and enables not having to send certain mandatory settings by storing them in the application configuration file. Moreover, the sources of a Startersite written in ASP. Net MVC Razor is available for downloading here:

The diagram below shows the major elements of the e-commerce application.

Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

For more information on the Yourcegid Retail WebStore architecture, please visit our website at the following address:

Quick Start

Information: To install Yourcegid Retail WebStore, we recommend using Microsoft WebPI.

Build your e-commerce site based on Yourcegid Retail WebStore using the following quick steps:

  1. Install Microsoft WebPI:
  2. Install Yourcegid Retail WebStore from WebPI. A Yourcegid Retail WebStore installation guide is available at:
  3. Configure your Yourcegid Retail WebStore boutique with the help of the configuration guide:
  4. Build your application:

Information: For more information and the other ways of installing Yourcegid Retail WebStore, please refer to the installation guide available here.

Getting Help!

In the Administration Console, a Help section area is at your disposal on each page to provide detailed information about the screen and how to configure Yourcegid Retail WebStore. Video Tutorials ar also available directly from this Help section for some screens.

Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

Clicking on the help section will open a window and display the help page:
Help page (example):

Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

Video tutorial (example):
If a video tutorial is available, it is to be found from the video tab:

Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

The "?" button next to a label will display contextual explanations:

Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

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