Magelia WebStore

  • hmv

    hmv selected Yourcegid Retail WebStore Enterprise Edition to run and operate multiple stores from one single administration console.

    Unipro , hmv’s web partner based its development on Yourcegid Retail WebStore Enterprise Edition and the responsive design template. The website offer tens of thousands of products and required a scalable multi-tenant e-commerce environment such as Yourcegid Retail WebStore.

    "As Ireland’s leading entertainment brand, hmv turned to our web partners Unipro who recommended the WebStore platform due to its flexibility, usability and first rate transactional tools. The platform itself has not disappointed and with the help of Unipro, and the WebStore platform, we now have a first rate ecommerce website

    Malachi Simons
    Managing Director | Hilco Web
  • Leonor Greyl

    LEONOR GREYL is the brand specialist in hair treatments using only high-quality, environmentally-safe, natural ingredients: honey, bamboo, sunflower, and chamomile, to name just a few. LEONOR GREYL deserved a responsive design website that reflects the purity and beauty of its brand.

    LEONOR GREYL's e-commerce website relies on a Yourcegid Retail WebStore Professional Edition software and a specifcially adapted version of the responsive design template
    Leonor Greyl
  • MyBlend

    MY BLEND by Dr Olivier Courtin offers ultra-personalized skincare programs to prevent and correct cellular damage and signs of aging.

    Yourcegid Retail WebStore has been one of the first customers to adopt Yourcegid Retail WebStore in 2009. For the lats five years, Yourcegid Retail WebStore provided a flexible platform that was adapted to respond to the specific needs of the brand in terms of gift management and the compatibility of products among one another.

    In 2014, MY BLEND renewed its confidence in Magelia and the new MY BLEND Website is currently under developments.
  • Smartcom

    Smartcom provides Ipad, computers, and multimedia equipment rental services to professionals in France. 

    Smartcom selected Yourcegid Retail WebStore's responsive design template to offer its customers a consistant user experience across moble tablets and desktop screens. This new version of the Smartcom website is based on the Yourcegid Retail WebStore Professional Edition and has been optimized in terms of SEO. 

    Thanks to this new website, Smartcom now benefits from the web as a significant source of customers and revenues.
  • Ozone Smoke

    OzoneSmokeTM is a leader in the electronic cigarette market, using innovative technology to duplicate the feel, taste and experience of smoking a traditional cigarette.

    Ozone Smoke implements Orchard and relies on Yourcegid Retail WebStore Community Edition, plus the Yourcegid Retail WebStore module for Orchard to provide e-commerce features to its visitors.


    Ozone Smoke
    Ozone Smoke
  • Comptanoo - CEMAGID is dedicated to serve the business owners of SMBs and offers a variety of software and services in the field of business management.

    Comptanoo is operated by Cemagid, a joint venture between CEGID (#1 business software editor in France) and Groupama, is dedicated to develop the relationships between business owners and their advisers (accountants, insurance companies, etc.).

    Comptanoo - CEMAGID
  • Kudzu Science

    Kudzu Science develops tests in the fields of environmental and human health: analysis of the air inside our homes and offices, analysis of water, measurement of pesticides in our environment or our bodies.

    Kuzu Science and its board, the company Itelios, have retained Yourcegid Retail WebStore for its capacity to integrate into the company information system and its architecture based on web services.
    Kudzu Science
  • Rose Mary Suzy

    RoseMarySuzy was born in 2013 with the desire to create unique handbags and offer customers high end service. From ethnic-inspired Art Deco, the line is modern, clear and graphical.

    Rose Mary Suzy
    Rose Mary Suzy
  • Dizzy Sheep

    Dizzy Sheep is the Knitting and Spinning Heaven !

    Yourcegid Retail WebStore Community Edition was nicely integrated by Active Labs, a New-York State based partner.
    Dizzy Sheep
  • GliSODine

    GliSODine is one of the first companies to have chosen the Yourcegid Retail WebStore platform for its capacity to manage, both simply and efficiently, its online sales throughout the entire world.
  • Toinou

    TOINOU Seafood offers online ordering of TOINOU trays and TOINOU baskets of oysters, exceptional oysters, and other shellfish, for take-out and delivery to Marseille and Aix en Provence.

    Toinou is one of the internet and e-commerce precursors for selling fresh products online. Toinou needed a reliable and scalable and chose Yourcegid Retail WebStore starting in 2008.
  • Longchamp

    Magelia supported Longchamp for the initial look and launching of the brand’s new internet and e-commerce site.
  • JM Bruneau

    Magelia supported JM Bruneau for the setting-up of prerequisite tests as part of the process for the launching of its new site in an international context.
    JM Bruneau
  • Clarins

    Magelia has supported Clarins via numerous e-commerce consulting missions.


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