Magelia WebStore


Latest Release

Magelia WebStore V3.1 has been released on Oct. 15. 2014.  The most noticeable features and improvements introduced in of version 3.1 are the following:.

  • Product administration pages have been redeveloped for more extensibility
  • Cross and upselling links have been redeveloped: now you can define an unlimited number of “product links”
  • Shipping rate values can now be defined taxes included or taxes excluded
  • New discount condition has been introduced
  • The e-mailing screens and feature have been redesigned (e-mail preview, ability to define multiple sender e-mail, cc, cci)
  • Content management administration screens have been completely re-developed, are more extensible and provide improved performance
  • Orders can now be imported (requires the Import-export extension or the pro or Enterprise Edition)
  • Extensibility: a complete documentation has been published on how to create your ownextensions on

You can extend Yourcegid Retail WebStore and add new features: extensions enable you to add new back-office screens and publish web services that your website will consume. You can also extend the MageliaWebStore responsive template by adding NuGet packages that will add new features in the pages such as Search engine, ratings and reviews, payment kits, etc.). Extensions for Yourcegid Retail WebStore are already available and enable you to enhance the features of the free Community Edition, of the Professional Edition and of the Enterprise edition. Please visit the Yourcegid Retail WebStore Gallery

Yourcegid Retail WebStore version 3.1 benefits from better performance, improved security and about 200 improvements and bug fixes.

Along with this new version, Magelia also released:

  • an improved responsive design template that provides an appealing and consistent e-commerce experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • a new version of the Yourcegid Retail WebStore client library that will speed up and facilitate your implementation is available on
  • an updated version of the module for Orchard that is compatible with Orchard 1.8.1 has been released and is available from the Orchard Gallery



Yourcegid Retail WebStore aims to become the best multi-tenant cloud e-commerce software in .NET and the next release of Yourcegid Retail WebStore will support the latest new features and installation options of Microsoft Azure cloud. 
Yourcegid Retail WebStore is used by companies operating multiple stores, high volumes of products and contents (100 000+ products or contents) and we will also in future releases work on an easy integration with major ERPs, order management sytems, CRM software, etc.

Project History

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V3 has been released on May 26. 2014. Yourcegid Retail WebStore version 3 provides a modular and extensible e-commerce Framework. This release introduces Magelia’s extensibility framework and you can now Extend Yourcegid Retail WebStore and add new features (add new back-office screens and publish web services that your website will consume) or extend the Yourcegid Retail WebStore responsive template by adding packages (nuget packages that add new features in the pages such as Search engine, ratings and reviews, payment kits, etc.). Yourcegid Retail WebStore version 3 also benefits from better performance, improved security, and more that 300 improvements and bug fixes.
An updated version of the Yourcegid Retail WebStore Client available from NuGet has also been improved : client dependencyresolver has been redesigned for more flexibility and extensibility
An updated version of the responsive design template compatible with Yourcegid Retail WebStore v3.1 is also available (download here)
An updated version of the Mageia WebStore module for Orchard has also been released.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore  V2.6  has been released on Jan 23. 2014The most noticeable improvements are the following:  Variant products description can now be localized in multiple languages, Media such as images or a videos associated with a content type can also be localized in multiple languages, The data update mechanism has been improved (contents) and simplified (all you have to do is to declare the relevant combinations of countries and currencies), scheduler features have been extended in order to add a new daily, weekly and monthly triggers as well as the ability to launch an automated task to update the data regularly. Within version 2.6 Yourcegid Retail WebStore extensibility has also been really improved to ease the Visual Studio project template, ease debugging, make the discount engine extensible, etc. 
The Yourcegid Retail WebStore Client available from NuGet has also been improved : client dependencyresolver has been redesigned for more flexibility and extensibility.
A NEW Glimpse plugin has also been developped to help debug the Magelia.WebStore.Client NuGet package. Simply download and install the Glimpse.Magelia.WebStore.Client nuget package
Please note that the latest version of the Yourcegid Retail WebStore module for Orchard, on Dec 11. 2013 is compatible with Yourcegid Retail WebStore 2.6 and Orchard 1.7.3

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2.5 has been released on Nov 18. 2013. Among the 100 new features, improvements, and bug fixes, the most prominent ones are: an inventory update rule that can be set to decrease inventory either at the add-to-basket or at the save-as-order actions, an advanced data update mechanism allowing the administrator to define precisely what data needs to be generated (relevant combination of currency - catalog and country),  improved interaction between the Yourcegid Retail WebStore software and a remote website to force cache refresh for example, Thumbnails are automatically generated in the administration console for images stored in the Media library, Advanced testing and improvements of the extensibility layer that will officially be released with version 3 of Yourcegid Retail WebStore. During the installation process of the responsive website template or the Yourcegid Retail WebStore NuGet Client, developers will more easily select service path and Store ID. Technical improvements include Entity Framework 6 support,  in the Content Management System, removal of the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) requirement, thereby easing support of Azure, Improved performance. A new version of the Yourcegid Retail WebStore module for Orchard has been released to stay compliant with Yourcegid Retail WebStore 2.5 and is compatible with Orchard latest version to date (1.7.2). Along with the new version 2.5, Magelia has also released a responsive-design template is  available and provides an appealing and consistent e-commerce experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2.4 has been released on Sept. 19. 2013 and includes: redesigned Basket and order calculation, re-rdeveloped geographic zone algorithms for tax and shipping calculations, improved products management, introduction of à unique code for the top product (variable product) of variant products, ability to define product attributes at the top (variable) or the variant level, easier integration of payment service providers. Technical improvements include an alternate method enables to call the catalogs, categories and products services in order to solve limitations of OData, and to ease developments, a Magelia .NET client library more closely integrated with NuGet, and is now extensible via dependency injection and more than  1 200 automated tests run daily to prevent risks of functional or technical regressions.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2.3 (released on March 7 2013) includes: 250 improvements and bugs fixed, improved setup, revised and improved catalog generation, tax types screen included into the tax category screen,added method UpdateOrderStatus , improved NuGet Client (new update-mageliaclient command and  Intellisense comments).Yourcegid Retail WebStore Professional and Enterprise edition benefit from better content management, and from file examples to easily export and import orders, customers, catalogs, products, and websites data.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2.2 has been released, Nov 29, 2012 With this new version, all editions benefit from  a completely redesigned back-office interfaces (administration console). This new version also includes License modification: Yourcegid Retail WebStore Community Edition is now licensed under the O.S.L 3 license. OSL3 is an OSI approved open-source license that is widely adopted in the e-commerce software industry (by companies like Magento or Prestashop for instance) and 100+ improvements and bugfix.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2.1 has been released on oct. 16, 2012. This version introduces new features and improvements for all editions of Yourcegid Retail WebStore. All editions (Community, Professional and Entreprise editions): Magelia Magelia Client: (Client service layer) complete refactoring; support for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5; support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012; reengineering of the catalog update mechanism: required time to generate the catalog divided by 10 and no service interruption even during catalog update ; scheduler (NEW feature) to schedule tasks such as sending e-mails, launching import or export jobs (requires Pro. Or Enterprise Ed.), bug fixes and improvements. Professional and Enterprise editions have also added a NEW powerful feature : the import / export module. This extensible module allows you to import and export data with Yourcegid Retail WebStore and can manage the dependencies between data.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2.0 has been released, June 29, 2012 (updated on July 16). Yourcegid Retail WebStore now comes in three different editions: Enterprise, Professional and Community Editions. This new version includes both technical updates as well as new and updated features: content management, roles and profiles, enhanced user experience (wysiwyg Html editor (Tiny MCE), improved variant products configuration screen, improved category hierarchy), improved demo store (sort by price feature), Date-Time in UTC and minor bugs fixes. Along with Yourcegid Retail WebStore v2, we have also released the long awaited Yourcegid Retail WebStore module for Orchard. This module makes Yourcegid Retail WebStore e-commerce features available in the Orchard content management system. This module requires Yourcegid Retail WebStore V2 and Orchard 1.4. (download available from the Orchard Gallery).

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V1.3 has been released, April 18, 2012. This new version includes both technical updates and feature improvements: Implementation of Entity Framework Code First, full refactoring of OData services, WCF Data Services 5.0 migration, SQL 2012 compatibility, variant management refactoring , upgraded demo website, store configuration is now defined per vendor, updated country and region list, use of NuGet for external reference, upgraded setup procedure to ensure WebPI compatibility, minor bugs fix.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V1.2 has been released, March 7, 2012. This version includes new catalog and category management screens in the administration console for an improved user experience, enriched variant product features (default and sort order), and Medium Trust compliance.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V1.1 has been released, February 20. 2012. This new version includes the long awaited demo website (Asp.NET MVC) and the "Gift with Purchase" promotion type. The Asp.NET MVC demo Store has been created to help users quickly build an e-commerce store.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V1 has been released, January 27. 2012. This first version of Yourcegid Retail WebStore is the result of two years of work to create an advanced e-commerce software for the .NET environment. This first version includes a new file management and media library tool, order and customer management, order history and statistics, improved setup using WebPI, basic ETL Engine and bug fixes.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V0.4 has been released, December 27, 2011. This new beta releases introduces the WebPI and set-up procedure to quickly deploy and test Yourcegid Retail WebStore. Yourcegid Retail WebStore v0.4 also includes bug fixes. This version is still a beta release, but we expect several new releases very soon since Yourcegid Retail WebStore v1 is planned for mid-January 2012.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V0.3 has been released, December 2, 2011. This is probably the most important release to date because it introduces the new promotion engine that we have been working on during the past four months. This promotion engine was designed for heavy loads and implements an extensible conditions / actions framework. Yourcegid Retail WebStore v0.3 also includes bug fixes and improved performance. This version is still a beta release, but we expect several new releases very soon since Yourcegid Retail WebStore v1 is planned for mid-January 2012.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V0.2 has been released, August 8, 2011. This is still a beta 0.2 release but it is much better and stronger than V0.1. This version implements the core e-commerce features such as catalog, categories, pricing, inventory, tax and shipping management, and the service layer including ODATA services for catalogs and products, plus WCF services for shopping cart and order management. A sample code (White Shop) has been added to the solution to show how to easily build a store. We are working hard on documentation, for those who are looking for customization and development guides.

Yourcegid Retail WebStore V0.1 has been released, March 15, 2011. This preliminary version (alpha version) is for testing and evaluation only.