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PayPal payment gateway

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PayPal payment gateway for the Responsive Storefront

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  • Add the PayPal payment processor to your Magelia WebStore responsive storefront.


    This package integrates PayPal Payments Standard, which represents the easiest way to integrate PayPal payment services on your website. At the end of the order process, the visitor is simply redirected to PayPal and pays for the order using a Credit Card or PayPal account. 


    Main benefits :
    - Safe and secure (benefits from PayPal PCI-DSS compliance)
    - Acceptance of a variety of payment methods such as most Credit Cards and PayPal
    - Automated update of the order status (based on the Instant Payment Notification)
    - SandBox / Test mode 


    What’s included ?
    - a package  (NuGet package) that, once installed, makes the PayPal payment gateway available to the responsive Storefront 


    What’s required ?
    - You must have subscribed to a PayPal plan. The PayPal plan and the additional costs are NOT included in this package. Please visit www.paypal.com for more info.

    responsive design template  This package requires that your storefront be based on the responsive design template available here and that the checkout page has not been modified.
    • Add PayPal payment gateway based on the PPS (PayPal Payments Standard) to accept credit cards and PayPal on your website :


      • The PayPal Payment Gateway handles all the steps in the secure transaction while remaining virtually transparent.
      • Customer data is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption.
      • PayPal supports a variety of payments methods (depending on the countries) including most credit cards and PayPal
      • For maximum security, Credit Card Information are NOT stored in the Magelia WebStore Database. This also facilitates the PCI Compliance of your store.



      When you install the PayPal package:


      • 1.     The new payment mode is available on the checkout page :


      PayPal payment method



      • 2.     Payment Information is not stored in Magelia WebStore but directly processed by PayPal





      • 3.     The Payment Gateway response updates the order status


      Once the payment request has been submitted to PayPal, the payment gateway will notify the response to the Responsive Storefront (using Instant Payment Notification).


      The order status will be automatically updated:


      Response Code Description Payment status Order status in Magelia WebStore Admin console
      completed This transaction has been approved. Authorization Request Approved Approved (Further Inquiry Required if response amount is different than order amount)
      denied The payment was denied. Authorization Request Refused Rejected
      pending The payment is pending Authorization Requested  New


      Cancelation of the order: If a customer cancels the order from the PayPal payment page, then the order status is updated to "Canceled".


      • 4.    The payment is associated and available in the order


      In the administration console you will see the payment appear on the "Payments" tab as shown below:


       Associated PayPal payment

      You will also view additional information such as the transaction code, the authorization codes and additional data.



      • 5.    (Optional) : Define payment modes


      In the above screen, you may have noticed that the payment mode mentioned is PayPal. 


      Here is how to display the payment method or card type used by the buyer:
      to the Seller/Store > Seller > Payment mode screen and create payment mode with code "paypal".


      Example: create the PayPal payment mode 

      Payment mode PayPal


      Warning: the Code and not the name must exactly match "paypal".

      When a customer now pays with PayPal on your store, the payment will display PayPal as payment mode.

      PayPal Payment mode associated with order



      Additional Information and known limitations


      • The current implementation of the PayPal payment gateway does not support recurring payments, multiple payments of a single orders. Supporting these payment modes may require to develop another Package or extend this package by specific developments.
      • Multiple payment modes can be proposed in a Responsive StoreFront based on the Responsive design template. You may also propose additional payment gateways such as Authorize.Net or additional Payment modes such as checks. Please view the others Payment gateways proposed by Magelia
    • Installing packages for Magelia WebStore responsive Storefront is a two-step process.

      1. Configure Visual Studio to access your Magelia Private Repository
      2. View the packages you purchased or got for free


      Please note that the configuration of your Magelia Private Repository has to be done only once. After you have configured it, all the packages that you add will be automatically available in your private repository.



      • 1.     Configure Visual Studio to access your Magelia Private Repository


      If you have already configured your Magelia Private repository, skip this step and go directly to part 2.


      We first need to get the URL of your private Magelia repository because we will need this URL to make the packages available in Visual Studio.


      Go to www.magelia.org , login and access your account (www.magelia.org/store/en/account). The url of your private repository is on the lower right size of the page : Copy this URL 


      Url Magelia Private Repository


      Now that we have retrieved this information, let us configure Visual Studio to access your packages. 


      In Visual Studio, go to the menuTools >  NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Settings :


      Package Manager Settings


      In the menu on the right click on "Package Sources"


      Package Sources



      Then hit the « + » button on the upper right side to add a new package


      Add a new package source


      Edit the name and enter "Magelia private repository"


      Edit the source and Paste the URL of your Magelia repository (the one that was in your Magelia.org account)



      • 2.     View the packages you purchased or got for free


      Once your private repository has been configured, simply click on “Update”. This will make the packages available in Visual Studio :


      Update to make packages available


      To view the available packages and install a package, right-click on your project or on the solution and select "Manage NuGet Packages" :


      Manage NuGet Packages...


      In the pop-up window select "Magelia private repository" on the left panel to view the packages that you obtained from the Magelia Gallery. 

      Click Install next to the package name to "Install a package"


      Install a package



      You are all set! 


      What we have described here is the standard procedure to install a Magelia package.

      In order to configure or adapt your package to your project requirements, please refer to the package page on Magelia.org.

    • The PayPal package is based on the PayPal Payment Standards and allows developers to simply add a PayPal payment button that redirects the visitor to PayPal and updates the payment in Magelia one the payment has been processed.


      As no credit card information is stored in Magelia WebStore, this approach really reduces the effort to provide PCI compliance.


      • Requirements

      • Magelia WebStore (3.0+)
      • A responsive storefront based on the Magelia Responsive design template (3.0+) available here
      • The code of the checkout page must not have been deeply changed
      • A PayPal merchant and/or sandbox account is required for configuration and tests. Click here to create an PayPal account

      • 1.    Add information in the web.config

      Once the package has been installed from your Magelia private repository, simply add the following  parameter keys to the <payments> section in the Web.config file of your Responsive Storefront:

      • test : Indicates if the payment gateway shoud be the sandbox or not.
      • business : Your PayPal identifier, usually the email address associated to the merchant account.
      • return-domain : Specify the domain that will be used to generate customers returning URL from PayPal. It should be your public domain name.
      • notification-domain : Specify the domain that will be used by PayPal to notify payment status (IPN system). It should be your public domain name.


      Example of information added to the web.config file



          <add controller="PayPal">

              <parameter key="test" value="true" />

              <parameter key="business" value="foo-merchant@foo.com" />

              <parameter key="return-domain" value=" http://YourMageliaWebStorePublicUrl.com " />

              <parameter key="notification-domain" value=" http://YourMageliaWebStorePublicUrl.com" />                 




      • 2.    Test and check

      Once you have properly deployed the package and modified the web.config file, you should be able to see the PayPal payment mode in the checkout page.


      We suggest you to thoroughly test the website before you turn the PayPal payment to live mode. 

    • Version 3.0 released May 2014
      - Initial release

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