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OrderStatusChangerMailer Extension

Version 3.1.354.40 by: Magelia
  • New
  • Magelia Certified
  • Extension sold per platform

Send e-mails on order status changes

Latest version: 3.1.354.40
Other versions:
Designed for Magelia WebStore: v.[3.1,3.2)
Last updated: 10/23/2015
Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Assistance: Magelia
License: View license
Compatible with Edition: Community
Already included in Editions: Professional - Enterprise
  • This extensions adds a task that can be scheduled to send and e-mail on order statsus changes.


    Main benefits : 

    - Easy Installation

    - Easy configuration


    What's included

    - A new task available in the scheduler screen


    What's required ?

    - Magelia WebStore Community Edition


    • How to install an extension on Magelia Webstore


      • 1.    Go to your account and access the order

      In your account, on the right side of the screen, you can access the orders 

      Magelia WebStore My account screen

      • 2.    View the order detail and download your license file

      The license you purchased will be available after your order has been opproved.

      To download your license simply click on the  download the  license file : 

      Download your license

      • 3.    Upload the license file in the Magelia WebStore administration console

      In the administration console, - go to the SELLERS - STORES > Extensions if you purchased a seller extension - go to the PLATFORM SETTINGS > Extensions if you purchased a Platform extension Click on the ADD EXTENSIONS tab, and upload the magpkg.lic license file as below :

      Upload your license file


      • 4.    Install and Activate your extension

      Click on the ADD button then click on Download link in the EXTENSION ADD : CONFIRMATION pop-up to download the extension package. 

      Please note that the screen displays the latest version available for this extension but you can access and install earlier versions by clicking on the Additional versions (Display) link.

      Download the extensions


      Then click on INSTALL AND ACTIVATE (or INSTALL  if you only want to activate it later): 

      Install and activate your extension


      You're all set!

      The extension has been successfully installed and activated. The features provided by this extension (back-office screen, web-services, additional features) are now available.


      If you have any question on how to install an extension, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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