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Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore

What is Yourcegid Retail WebStore ?

Yourcegid Retail WebStore is a powerful e-commerce software that :

  • comes with a complete set of e-commerce features : manage products, catalogs, categories, prices, stocks, discounts, taxes, shipping, segments, customers, orders...
  • is able to address the needs of international projects. Manage products and contents in multiple languages, multiple currencies, adapt to local tax systems, created to ship anywhere.
  • was designed to meet the requirements of small to large scale websites. The technical architecture is built for performance and scalability. Yourcegid Retail WebStore is able to run multiple stores with tens of thousands of products, prices, etc.
  • is a multi-stores, multi-sellers / multi-tenants solution Each vendor(aka Seller or Tenant) can create and manage multiple stores. Yourcegid Retail WebStore is able to host several vendors and several websites per vendor on the same environment. Yourcegid Retail WebStore can be used to develop electronic malls, e-department stores, shopping centers. **
  • integrates a content management system for a great content to commerce experience.
  • enables you to drive traffic to your stores (web-to-store) thanks to its multi-stocks / multi-warehouses capabilities
  • is extensible. Get Extensions from the Magelia Gallery or build your own extensions. Visit Yourcegid Retail WebStore Gallery for more info.
  • is a based on .NET . Magelia relies on standard .NET technologies : .NET framework 4.5, SQL Server Express or higher, WCF, Entity Framework,
  • integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio to facilitate your developments and learning curve. Simply download and install the Yourcegid Retail WebStore Client Library available as a NuGet Package to start your project and develop with your familiar Visual Studio environment
  • is composed of web-services (SOA architecture) and an administration console to let you create easily e-commerce websites, apps, or integrate Yourcegid Retail WebStore with other software in order to add e-commerce features to these software (see how Magelia adds e-commerce feature to the Orchard CMS for example.
  • comes along with a free responsive design template which represents the fastest and easiest way to start your project.
  • includes advanced features to import, export data with other systems thanks to the built in scheduler and ETL.
  • can be hosted either on a dedicated server or on the cloud

All the features listed above are not included in all Editions of Yourcegid Retail WebStore. Depending on your project's scope, requirements, and ambition, the Yourcegid Retail WebStore free Community Edition, the Professional Edition or the Enterprise Edition will be suitable for your project.