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Introduction to Yourcegid Retail WebStore


Among the many e-commerce solutions available, based on our customers experience, you will probably consider and select Yourcegid Retail WebStore for one ore more of the following reasons :

  • You have an international e-commerce project and need a truly multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-tax e-commerce software.
  • You require a full featured e-commerce software that is able to manage products with specific attributes, discounts, inventory, prices in multiple currencies, etc.
  • You have a web-to-store project : you manage multiple physical stores and want to give online access to the stock of your stores, drive traffic to the stores, etc.
  • Your future e-commerce website must offer a great user experience on smartphones, tablets or PCs. Magelia's free responsive design template has been created to provide to accelerate your project and offer a great multi-devices e-commerce experience.
  • You want an all-in-one content + commerce solution". Yourcegid Retail WebStore enable you to smoothly integrate products with contents and contents with products.
  • Your project is multi-stores or multi-tenants". Yourcegid Retail WebStore was created from the start as a multi-stores and multi-tenant e-commerce software. You can host tens of stores on the same Yourcegid Retail WebStore and manage all stores from one single back-office, but still isolate each 'tenant' from others.
  • You want a Microsoft .NET e-commerce software : Yourcegid Retail WebStore is based on standard and recent Microsoft technologies
  • You want to have the choice between traditional hosting and cloud. With Yourcegid Retail WebStore you have this choice.
  • You want an extensible solution. Buy extensions, create you own extensions, extend Yourcegid Retail WebStore in your own direction.
  • You want a modern web-services based e-commerce architecture. Yourcegid Retail WebStore includes only two parts : web-services and an administration console. You can freely create e-commerce apps, e-commerce sites, etc.
  • You want to add e-commerce features to an existing solution (a content management system like orchard, a business solutions like Microsoft CRM, etc.). Magelia is for example the N°1 e-commerce module for Orchard.

All the features listed above are not included in all Editions of Yourcegid Retail WebStore. Depending on your project's scope, requirements, and ambition, the Yourcegid Retail WebStore free Community Edition, the Professional Edition or the Enterprise Edition will be suitable for your project.